Wireless LAN in the healthcare sector

Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) or WLAN are terms used for a wireless local area network. Research from the Dutch research institute TNO indicates that wireless LAN equipment can be used safely in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. The big advantage is that nursing staff with a mobile device such as a laptop or tablet PC, smart phone or PDA can make use of the Internet or the local network. Patient files can be updated in real time from anywhere within the healthcare institution.

Download here the TNO report.

Advantages Provided by Wireless LAN in the Healthcare Sector:

  • From the patient’s bedside, nursing staff are able to save patient data directly in the central Medical Record.
  • Less paperwork for the nursing staff and doctors giving them more time for patient care.
  • Fewer human errors since nursing staff are no longer required to retype data but can enter it directly.
  • Nursing staff can retrieve patient data more quickly making them better able to act in emergencies.
  • Patient access can be kept isolated from the operational hospital network.
  • WLAN Internet access for patients.
  • The network offers all kinds of opportunities for expansion including the addition of extra functionality

Healthcare References

A wireless LAN offers many advantages to healthcare institutions of all types and sizes. See, for example, the advantages derived by the Diakonessenhuis Hospital in the Netherlands, the Red Cross in Austria or the Regio Kliniken in Germany. Would you like to know more abut the use of wireless LANs in healthcare? Request a free information pack or make an appointment with our experts.

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