Retail mobile solutions - Wireless for retailers

Wireless LANs and mobile solutions are also being used extensively in the retail sector. Wireless LAN can offer many advantages for chain stores and shopping centres. Information from the warehouse that is updated real-time in the ERP system via wireless Internet, fast outdoor wireless connectivity between buildings, and the use of wireless bar code scanners that make stock information immediately available.

The Advantages of Mobile Solutions for Retail:

  • More efficient working because of the real-time connection between hand-held devices and the ERP system
  • Wireless bar code scanners
  • Maintenance and laying of cables is no longer necessary
  • Direct processing of current information from the shop floor and from the warehouse
  • High security through encryption
  • VPN and cellular VPN
  • Connections between buildings
  • Additional option: Electronic payments via UMTS/3G/4G if the ADSL/ISDN connection is lost

Are you familiar with digital price labeling?

Some retailers are already taking advantage of digital price labels, also known as electronic shelf labels (ESL). Prices, articles, and even bar codes or QR codes can be maintained automatically by the central ERP system and transmitted via wireless in near real time. This makes paper labels a thing of the past. Request your free white paper now or learn more here.

References in the Retail Sector

WLAN Consulting wireless solutions are used by various enterprises in the retail sector. See for example how WLAN is used at sports brand Asics or REWE, one of the global top-20 retailers.

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