Digital signage solutions: Traditional labels are obsolete

Wireless displays are increasingly replacing hand-written or printed signs for rooms and tables, price labels and article descriptions. The modern displays are versatile and easy to update, since they are controlled via Wi-Fi. The extremely low power consumption provides years of display operations free of an external power supply.

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Versatile use of digital signage solutions

In the retail industry, the use of digital price tags – also known as “Electronic Shelf Labels” – is already established. Other industries have also come to enjoy the many benefits. For example, the signage for meeting or conference rooms can be automatically updated from calendar management systems such as Exchange, Domino or iCalender. In the field of medicine, the displays and their integrated interface show which treatment rooms or operating theaters are free or occupied. The staff in the restaurant no longer need to place cards on reserved tables. Instead, the name, time and the number of people are simply radioed to a display. In the same way, the menu of the day can be communicated to the guests without any paper or cabling.

Interference-free Wi-Fi for digital signage

These days, it is possible to integrate the wireless technology for the digital signage (wireless ePaper displays) into most existing Wi-Fi infrastructures. Operating the systems in parallel is interference-free and cost-effective. Administration of the systems is easily handled from a central server.

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