Free wireless site survey

Wireless LAN Site Survey

A WLAN site survey ensures that your wireless network will function optimally. Many of the specialists related to WLAN Consulting are able to measure the presence of signals from the immediate and surrounding areas. This wireless site survey is preferably done in advance to identify possible sources of interference so that problems such as poor network performance can be prevented.

With a Wireless Site Survey You can avoid Interference on the Wireless Network

In most network environments there are various devices and technologies that unnoticed, can cause disturbances. One example is the presence of other existing wireless systems using the same frequency bands. Consider, for example, other access points in the vicinity, Bluetooth applications, wireless alarm systems, baby phones, etc.

What is measured during the Wi-Fi Site Survey?

A WLAN site survey investigation will include the following:

  • Are there other wireless networks in the vicinity?
  • Are there other signals present on the same frequency band?
  • Is the signal being attenuated as a result of the materials used within a building?
  • Which materials best facilitate the operation of a wireless network?

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